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Rose Walker Clay

Add Gift Wrapping!

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Please read carefully!

Our gift wrapping option is a small silver gift box with white cotton padding inside.

Adding this item to your cart will put gift wrapping on ONE pair of earrings. If you are purchasing more than one item and you want gift wrapping on more than one, you will need to add this listing to your cart the same number of times as the number of pieces you want wrapped. For example, if you are ordering two pairs of earrings and want both wrapped, you will need to select "2" as the quantity of this listing to add to your cart. 

If you are ordering more than one pair of earrings and you only want gift wrapping for one or some of the pairs, please use the "leave a note for the seller" box in your cart to let me know which pair(s) you want wrapped.

I do not include anything that shows the price or total amount spent on any items, regardless of whether they are gift wrapped.