Are your earrings heavy?

This is the NUMBER ONE question I get asked about my products by far. And the answer is... no! Polymer clay, the primary medium of all my pieces, is incredibly lightweight when it's cured correctly. Almost all of my pieces, even the very biggest and boldest, clock in under an ounce. This means that you really can wear big and bright earrings without hurting your ears or feeling dragged down! You might even forget you're wearing them.

Will your earrings last?

In short, yes! Polymer clay is incredibly durable and can hold up for years when treated correctly and made with care. I use methods that ensure the longest lasting, highest quality pieces possible when it comes to this medium. Every piece that has a stud post has the posts baked into the clay (not glued!), meaning it's practically impossible for the bond to be broken and the stud pop off with everyday wear and tear. For findings attached with jump rings, only the highest quality components are used, meaning they won't come apart or twist out of alignment.

On a quality control note - I am a one woman show, which is actually the single biggest advantage I have when it comes to quality control. I produce every single piece 100% by myself - I condition the clay, I roll the clay, I cut and sculpt the clay, I bake the clay, I sand the clay.. you get the idea. This means that if a piece has something wrong with it structurally or aesthetically, I will catch it. There is no opportunity for quality to get overlooked in a warehouse shuffle; my very small living room is my warehouse! I feel absolutely confident in standing by my pieces, because every single thing I sell comes directly from my hands and brain. I have done the research, the practicing, the trial and error, and the industry comparison. No sacrifices, no shortcuts!

Where is Rose Walker Clay located?

Portland, Oregon, USA.

What materials do you use?

Polymer clay is the primary medium of all of the pieces produced by Rose Walker Clay. Earring findings (i.e. the hardware) varies from piece to piece; each product has their finding material noted in their descriptions. We are gradually transitioning all stud post findings to grade 1 titanium! All ball posts and dangle hooks are currently gold plated (hypoallergenic). If you have a specific request regarding the metal used in your order due to allergies or other preferences, please reach out directly before placing your order.

Is this your full time job?

As of June 2021 - YES! Thank you so much for making this possible!